Pharmacies – Pharmacists By Name

Reach substantially all practicing pharmacists with this 100% telephone verified database, at 100% practice address.  Make your message more deliverable and interesting by addressing it to a specific pharmacist as opposed to just a pharmacy location. Fax numbers available for 95% of file.  Dozens of practice settings available, including: retail (chain and independent), hospital, specialty, managed care, long term care and many others.  All pharmacists are selectable by job title/responsibility, and facilities are selectable by prescription volume.


Site type/ownership
Rx volume
NCPDP / NABP number
Number of physicians at practice
*Please inquire for specific counts as they change frequently.

Pharmacists 159,800
Direct mail pricing
List rental  (1x use) $105/M
Pharmacist title $10/M
Site type/ownership $10/M
Prescription volume $25/M
Geography $10/M
Phone numbers $50/M
Fax numbers $75/M
Minimum order: 5,000 names ($525)
Delivery of Data
Email delivery/formatting $75/flat
*Please inquire for annual license pricing.
*Please inquire for email blast or license pricing.