Year after year, pharmacists are mentioned as one of the most trusted professionals. Patients look to pharmacists for advice on over-the-counter (OTC) products, branded vs. generic decisions, drug interaction information and much more.

A recent study revealed that on average, pharmacists make almost five prescription and seven OTC product recommendations per day. Pharmacists often recommend a generic over a branded product, but have signaled a willingness to listen to alternate views. The majority said they see “all or most” pharmaceutical representatives.

Pharmacists can also play an important role in patient adherence to drug regimens. Patient non-compliance costs the drug industry hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue per year, and is estimated to cost the healthcare system over $300 billion.

There are more than 160,000 practicing pharmacists in the US, engaging millions of patients per day. Healthcare Data Experts (HDE) can help you effectively target these influential healthcare practitioners via email, direct mail and more. Utilizing our pharmacist data, you can target practitioners by practice setting, areas of interest, volume and many other criteria. HDE’s data is constantly updated and enhanced from dozens of different data sources, making our pharmacist data the best available and insuring you the highest likelihood of success.

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