Healthcare Data Experts, LLC (HDE), assists pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device manufacturers, medical education companies and other healthcare marketers reach their desired healthcare provider audience. Our products are a unique combination of proprietary databases and outside sources, covering virtually any audience in the chain of care. Because we source data from multiple sources, we can help you by determining what the best database is for YOUR needs, not what we need to sell to meet contractual obligations. We can help you reach these prospects via direct mail, email, phone or fax, and offer a variety of usage options. HDE can also efficiently help you implement your email or fax campaign and provide full back-end reporting.

All of our data is kept current by a combination of continuous telephone survey, direct mail, and sales force feedback. Most of our lists are guaranteed 99% deliverable, helping insure the best results for your marketing dollars.

Click on the product links to see the variety of databases we have available, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. If it’s out there, we can locate the data you need.